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Looking to discover Melun's pretty town? Head to Melun with Campanile hotels.

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In Île-de-France, discover Melun, a city dating from the Gallo-Roman era. Our friendly 3-star Campanile hotels welcome you near Melun, south of Paris. Meeting rooms, all-you-can-eat buffets and parking: our hotels have it all! Have a pleasant stay with colleagues, family or friends in the wooded region of Seine-et-Marne.


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What to do in Melun

In 2 days
1 week
As a family
Did you book a two-day stay at one of our Campanile hotels in Melun? Begin your short stay with a visit to Melun’s municipal museum, also referred to as Hôtel de la Vicomté, which is listed as an historic monument. Admire the tower of Saint-Barthélemy Church, the only vestige of the church, which was destroyed in the early 19th century. On your weekend in Seine-et-Marne, be sure to visit Melun’s National Gendarmerie Museum, where you'll find plenty of uniforms and exciting anecdotes about the history of the gendarmerie (national police force).
If you spend a week in Melun, you’ll have plenty of time to visit this beautiful city, its museums and its churches. Cruise along the Seine on the boat called “Ville de Melun.” You’ll see the river’s shores, cross through the Forest of Fontainebleau and pass by the Bois-le-Roi lock. Take advantage of your stay at our Campanile hotels in Île-de-France to explore the capital and its many monuments and landmarks.
Planning a family stay in Melun? Don’t miss the city tour in the form of a treasure hunt, called “Etienne rat-conte Melun” (in which a little rat named Etienne, the tourist office mascot, leads the way). It’s a very playful way to explore the city through Etienne the Rat’s stories. From our Campanile hotels near Melun, you can also take a hike through the Forest of Fontainebleau, a guaranteed change of scenery! Take advantage of your stay in Seine-et-Marne to enjoy the special family tour of the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, where children can wear knight and princess costumes.

Melun’s culinary specialties

While in Melun you must taste the city's iconic cheese: Brie de Melun, not to be confused with the Brie from the nearby city of Meaux. Brie de Melun is a soft cow's milk cheese with a floral rind. It has been classified as Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) 1980. Are you staying in a Campanile hotel in Seine-et-Marne? Come taste Île-de-France cuisine in our restaurants, including jambon de Paris and the Paris-Brest and opéra pastries. Campanile promises a gourmet stay near Melun!
Evénements Campanile

Must-see events in Melun

The city of Melun hosts many cultural events throughout the year. Temporary exhibitions, guided tours of its museums, a book fair, gospel concerts and small themed conferences: you won't be bored during your stay in Seine-et-Marne. If you’ve booked a room at one of our Campanile hotels near Melun, don't miss the entertainment organized by our hotels, including tastings and rebroadcasts of sporting events on the big screen.
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Interesting facts about Melun

Melun is a city with a rich historical heritage. Over the centuries, because of its geographical proximity to the capital, it was often involved in battles that took place in Paris. Melun's medieval history is exciting! While staying at one of our Campanile hotels in Seine-et-Marne, be sure to visit Melun’s municipal museum, which traces its history and the important events that shaped the city it is today.





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