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The Campanile hotel-restaurant in Ghent offers comfortable rooms, a dining service, free WiFi, 2 conference rooms for your business stays, as well as parking. The hotel’s location makes it an ideal base for exploring the Flemish region and Belgium....
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Enjoy the comfort of Campanile rooms in Ghent. Depending on the establishment, you’ll find private parking, meeting rooms, restaurants with self-serve buffets or à la carte dishes, as well as evening entertainment.




What to do in Ghent?

In 2 days
1 week
As a family
Two days in Ghent give you enough time to explore the city’s two most dynamic and sought-after neighborhoods. Spend the first day in the popular Patershol area. In the evening, stop into one of its many restaurants before going to the Campanile hotel in Ghent for the night. The next day, visit the famous Quai aux Herbes, a medieval port that undoubtedly ranks among the city’s most beautiful spots and is a gathering spot for locals and tourists alike.
A week-long visit will give you time to complete a full tour of the many historic monuments and architectural wonders of Ghent. Visit the city’s famous row of towers, with the belfry in the center that is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site. Also don’t miss the Saint-Bavon cathedral, which, along with the beauty of the structure itself, features many artistic treasures, including the famous Ghent Altarpiece. Also, have a look at the St. Michael’s Bridge, where you can enjoy a unique panoramic view or make a stop at the Château des Comtes.
Ghent is an ideal destination for a family vacation, as it can be enjoyed in a fun way with its varied and scenic means of transportation. You can choose from canoeing, rafting and carriage rides and also helicopter rides and hot-air balloon rides. Why not take a boat ride on the inland waters? The whole family can also enjoy a visit to the “Gravesteen” Château des Comtes de Flandre.

Top 3 gastronomic experiences in Ghent


You can’t visit Ghent without trying the city’s classic slow-cooked dish: Ghent Waterzooi. In Dutch, the name means “boiling water.” It’s a very rich soup made with chicken or fish and vegetables. This meat or fish stew bathes in a creamy broth and its origin dates back to medieval times. Back then, fish caught in the city’s canals were used to make the stew. The chicken version came about much later, near the end of the 19th century, when the price of fish rose.

Carbonades Flamandes

Experience a true Belgian classic: carbonnades à la flamande. They’re named for the charcoal embers they once simmered over. This dish is made from beef, pork and even horse and is cooked in beer and onions. It’s often served with fries – Belgian fries, of course! In Ghent, some cooks add kidney liver.


If you’re lucky enough to visit the city during the famous Ghent Festival, you can buy kroakemandel cones. You’ll also find them in certain cafés throughout the rest of the year and at our Campanile restaurants. They’re made with salted peas fried in oil, but the exact recipe remains a secret. The owner of Café Folklore, where they are sold, apparently was taught how to make them by an old woman.
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Things to do in Gand

Ghent at Night

Many residents of Ghent will tell you that if you haven’t seen the city at night, you simply haven’t seen Ghent. After sunset, thousands of lamps and spotlights illuminate the city, creating a vast ‘light plan’ created by the famous lighting designer Roland Jéol. The city won the International City-People-Light Award in 2004. You won’t be disappointed by these lights and you’ll see the city differently.

The Ghent Festival

In July, come enjoy 10 days of city-wide celebrations with family or friends during your stay with Campanile hotels. Parades, entertainment, exhibitions, and more. Street art is given center stage during the festival, with artists coming from around the world to delight both children and adults with skits, circus performances, live music and other kinds of entertainment that is sure to surprise you.