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To make the most of your stay, discover Campanile hotels in Nice centrally located near the airport.

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During your stay in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, discover our 3-star Campanile hotels in Nice located in the city center and near the airport. Our hotels in Nice have many advantages: pleasant rooms, a catering area with an unlimited buffet and themed evenings, as well as meeting rooms and private parking.

Our hotels in Nice
Enjoy the comfort of Campanile rooms in Nice. Depending on the establishment, you’ll find private parking, meeting rooms, restaurants with self-serve buffets or à la carte dishes, as well as evening entertainment.





Places of interest around Nice hotels

Find the not to be missed sights of Nice

hôtels Campanile Musée Matisse

Musée Matisse

Fill your imagination with blue at the Matisse Museum. Overlooking the sea from the top of the ancient site of Cimiez, the Matisse Museum is set in a splendid 17th-century villa, Geneva-style and Sienna-colored. Having fallen under the charm of the light, the Matisse lived in Nice from 1917 to 1954. “When I realized that every morning I would see that light again, I could not believe my luck ", he wrote. The collection includes drawings, engravings, sculptures and paintings, including pomegranate still lifes, which was part of the first donation by the painter in 1953. Among the cut-out watercolors, admire the famous Nude Blue IV and Bather in the Reeds, which perfectly illustrate Matisse’s passion for blue. The personal items exhibited, like Henri Matisse’s painting table, makes the painter’s presence almost palpable. These items can often be found in his paintings, such as the Venetian armchair, represented in the painting Fauteuil rocaille, verres and brasero. If you liked the museum, continue in Matisse’s footsteps by going to see the Rosaire Chapel, in Vence, a true masterpiece designed by the artist.Then you’ll be going to your Campanile Nice Airport or Campanile Nice Acropolis hotel, your imagination enriched with refined patterns and Matisse blue…


hôtels Campanile Musée national Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall National Museum

Immerse yourself in the painter's imagination at Marc Chagall National Museum. During your stay at Campanile Nice Airport or Campanile Nice Acropolis hotel, take time to visit the Marc-Chagall National Museum. Here, every detail deserves attention: the garden, predominantly white and blue, and the exterior mosaic created by Chagall in the same tones, the museum building constructed by André Hermant, the auditorium and its three large stained-glass windows of the creation of the world, and the collection, of course. Discover the Bible through this painter's work for whom the holy book was "the greatest source of poetry of all time". The different events that take place in the museum are also interesting: temporary exhibitions, art conferences, music concerts, dance performances, film festival, and more. With children, discover Chagall's world in a fun way through a digital tour on a touchscreen tablet. A lecturer takes you on the conquest of the mystery painting. Answer the riddles and explore the artist's imaginary world with interactive games. And for lunch, the museum's refreshment area offers some snacks.


hôtels Campanile Parc Phoenix

Parc Phoenix

At Parc Phoenix, come in contact with rare fauna and flora. Located across from the airport, on the Promenade des Anglais, Parc Phoenix stretches over 7 hectares of greenery in the middle of the city. A short walk from your Campanile Nice Airport hotel and a 20-minute drive from the Campanile Nice Acropolis hotel, this treasure trove of greenery, which has the label Jardin Remarquable et Famille Plus, is home to more than 2500 plant species and more than 2000 animals. Here you’ll see animals that you rarely get to see: the Madagascan lemur, listed as “critically endangered”, the marmoset, the small-clawed otter, the wallaby, the porcupine, and also the parrot, laughing kookaburra, iguana, and boa constrictor. On the farm, all animals are miniature: dwarf rabbit, dwarf goat, dwarf pig, miniature horse, etc. The giant, pyramid-shaped greenhouse, known as "Green Diamond", has six different tropical and subtropical climates. Not satisfied with being an exceptional botanical park, Parc Phoenix is also an arts exhibition, scientific, educational and general public performances venue.During school vacations, events for children are scheduled one after the other. Also, children can freely enjoy playgrounds available to them, with slides, merry-go-rounds, spring riders and other rocking rides.

Our hotel selection

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Hôtels Antibes Campanile

Hotels Campanile 

Free Wi-Fi connection, premium bedding, flat screen, pool, park/garden, terrace, seminar rooms, parking - so many services offered by your 3-star hotel to welcome you to Antibes under the best conditions. Note that for your children under the age of 10, the stay is free! The hotel-restaurant offers traditional dishes from the region.

Hôtels Cannes Campanile

Hotels Campanile 

Campanile hotel-restaurants in Cannes welcome you to a friendly environment, perfect for a business trip or a family stay. You’ll appreciate a friendly and dedicated team and enjoy a variety of services: parking, bar, meeting rooms, all-you-can-eat buffet, etc. Enjoy the comfort of your room and its interior design.

Hôtels Grasse Campanile

Hotels Campanile 

Grasse is an iconic destination in the PACA region. Come to this French Town of Art and History (a special status awarded by the state), full of Provençal culture. Book your stylish room with premium bedding at one of our 3-star hotels. You’ll appreciate this unique destination for a family or business stay, and you’ll enjoy local flavors in the restaurant...



What to do in Nice

In 2 days
1 week
As a family
Enjoy your short stay at our Campanile hotels with a stroll around Vieux Nice, characterized by its Italian-inspired architecture similar to that of Turin. Walking up and down the old streets of Nice, you will discover Baroque churches on every street corner. Why not end your walk around the newest part of Nice, built in the Haussmanian style, or at the harbor where you can marvel at the luxury boats and enjoy an ice cream?
Nice is a unique city in France, with its many French and Italian traditions. Why not explore Vieux Nice, go shopping or enjoy the city's famous casino. The most curious visitors can head to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Musée de la Résistance, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Musée Matisse. The Nice Opera House is also well worth a visit. During your week, you can also enjoy the beach and even explore the seabed while scuba diving, a popular activity in Nice.
We all know that kids love the beach but there’s plenty more things for them to do! Why not explore the commune of Grasse, famous for producing perfume. Enjoy a lunch stop or spend a night at ourCampanile Grasse hotel & restaurants. You can also visit Marineland Park for a fun and spectacular discover of the marine world, before returning to Nice or enjoying a stopover inAntibes.

Nice’s culinary specialties

Niçoise cuisine is inspired by Provence and Italy, so you’ll find typical regional dishes such as Niçoise stew, gnocchi, pissalat, polenta, pistou soup or tapenade served with an aperitif or appetizer. Most Niçoise dishes are prepared with olive oil, as is typical in southern France. You can enjoy local favorites at the restaurants of our Nice hotels, made using local recipes and produce. Don’t hesitate to check them out for yourself!
Evénements Campanile

Not to be missed in Nice

Nice’s largest notable event is of course its famous Carnival, which has been held every February since 1873: the costumes and floats are beautiful, attracting many tourists each year. In July, Nice also hosts a jazz festival that is particularly popular in the musical world. Finally, a film festival only known to professionals takes place every year at Espace Magnan: internationally renowned, this festival focuses on short films.