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After a day of Alsatian discovery, find your comfortable hotel room and enjoy the warm atmosphere of our Strasbourg hotel-restaurants.

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3-star Campanile hotels welcome you during your stay in Strasbourg with comfortable rooms, equipped with high quality bedding, a car park to make your life easier and a restaurant with an unlimited buffet. Make the most of the Campanile accommodation in the Grand Est region with a visit to Strasbourg and its surroundings, in a friendly and warm environment.

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Enjoy the comfort of Campanile rooms in Strasbourg. Depending on the establishment, you’ll find private parking, meeting rooms, restaurants with self-serve buffets or à la carte dishes, as well as evening entertainment.



Places of interest around Strasbourg hotels

Find the not to be missed sights of Strasbourg

hôtels Campanile Grand Théâtre de Provence

Grand Théâtre de Provence

Get out to the green at the Strasbourg Golf Club. On Route du Rhin, a 10-kilometer drive from your Campanile hotel, is the essential meeting place of enthusiasts of the little white ball. The Strasbourg Golf Club welcomes passionate and amateur golfers every week, around 27 holes representing four difficulties (from white to red). The golf course opened in 1935 (a prestigious date which makes it the oldest gold club in the region) and was extended bit by bit to cover its current surface area of 120 hectares. It is accessible to women and the elderly at specially reserved practice sessions. The Strasbourg Golf Club also wants to pass the baton to the new generation. So it has its own school that teaches children 7 years of age and older the values and techniques of golf. The courses are taught by three professionals and are adapted to the level of each student. So you can go to the Strasbourg Golf Club with your family. The staff and the terrain adapt themselves to your wishes and your needs and you can continue the experience with a well-deserved stop for something to eat at the club's restaurant. With an exacting wine list and themed parties, it's sure to end your sports day on a note that makes you want to come back.

hôtels Campanile Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg

Leaving from your Campanile hotel, go to the historic center of Strasbourg. Take time to wander through this pedestrian district around the cathedral. A masterpiece of Gothic art, Notre-Dame Cathedral is a must-see. Easily spotted because of its elegant 142-meter high spire, it houses extraordinary richness, in terms of both the ornamentation of its exterior faces and its interior. At Christmastime, a visit to the Cathedral takes on a magical touch. The Tapisseries de la Vierge are exhibited on both sides of the nave. The astronomical clock, with a mechanism that dates back to 1842, is a masterpiece in itself. In the Renaissance style, it’s the fruit of the collective labor of Swiss watchmakers, sculptures, painters and automaton developers. The central part is a circular calendar and shows the positions of the sun and the moon. On the front, a sphere indicates the position of the starts and on top, the positions of the planets and the phases of the Moon. The upper part is fitted with automatons that are set into motion every day at 12:30. Before this, you can watch the 30-min film devoted to the clock and shown every day at noon.

hôtels Campanile Palais de la musique et des congrès

Palais de la Musique et des Congrès

To reach the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès (also known as PMC) in Strasbourg, when you leave your Campanile hotel, head to the European Quarter, accessible by car or tram via two direct lines from the city center. If you're driving, you should know that the conference center has free parking for visitors. Built in 1974, the complex was fully renovated in 2016. It consists of three auditoriums with varied programming, ranging from theatre to music and including comedy shows and jazz concerts. The Erasme Room, which is the biggest, has a seating capacity of 1,876. Ideal for comedy shows and theatre, the Schweitzer Room can hold 1,182 spectators. Finally, the Cassin Room, with a capacity of 515 seats, is the most intimate. Since it opened, many artists have tread the boards of the PMC, from Ray Charles to Etienne Daho for singing and from Chevallier and Laspalès to Vincent Dedienne for comedy. Not to mention the famous operas and ballets such as the Magic Flute or The Nutcracker.

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Hôtels Geispolsheim Campanile

Hotels Campanile 

Planning a stay in Geispolsheim and looking for a hotel? With its comfortable rooms, Campanile invites you to take an indulgent break at the best price!

Hôtels Haguenau Campanile

Hotels Campanile 

Haguenau is a key stop for business or family travel in the department of Bas-Rhin. Stay at our inviting Campanile hotel-restaurants and enjoy the comfort of our luxurious bedding and the services offered for your peace of mind. For breakfast and lunch, enjoy the delights of the all-you-can-eat buffet. For dinner, savor local cuisine from the menu.



Take a trip to Strasbourg

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1 week
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A weekend in Strasbourg will give you time to visit the iconic sites of the city. Near the Hôtel Restaurant Campanile, you will love exploring the Notre-Dame cathedral, a true architectural feat. Next, just a few steps away, you can admire Saint-Thomas church, with its magnificent stained glass windows, statues and frescoes. Take a stroll through the medieval city center, which has an undeniable charm. During your discovery of Strasbourg, plan a day in the heart of La Petite France, a neighborhood reminiscent of Venice, where you walk along canals and narrow streets. Take the opportunity to visit Place Dunant, the covered bridges and the Vauban Dam.

Going to Strasbourg for a week will give you the chance to explore a large number of museums. We suggest you discover our favorites, the Palais Rohan and the Musée de l'Œuvre Notre-Dame. Nature lovers can rest in the poetic setting of the Parc de l’Orangerie or on the banks of the River Ill, ideal for relaxation. Make the most of being in Strasbourg with a trip to the beer center and visit the Kronenbourg Brewery, before exploring the surroundings and booking your room in one of our Campanile hotels in Colmar or visiting Haguenau.

During a family stay in Strasbourg, enjoy visit the interesting and educational zoological museum of the city and discover the fauna of the Arctic, Antarctic and Andes, including bears, deer, lions, kangaroos, lizards, etc. An interesting collection of naturalized insects and butterflies is also on display. The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is great fun to visit, children will enjoy the games and organized activities. In the evening, make the most of your accommodation and enjoy a delicious meal at the hotel restaurant.

The best foodie getaways in Strasbourg

SauerkrautThe famous sauerkraut is part of the heritage of eastern France. This dish consists of fermented cabbage, potatoes and meats, including smoked bacon and Strasbourg sausages. It is tasty and fragrant with juniper berries, garlic and bay leaves. Some sauerkraut can be garnished with white sausages, a specialty of Metz. You will discover this dish in the restaurants of your Campanile hotels, at each of your stops in the Grand Est region and of course in Strasbourg. Sauerkraut is a wonderful accompaniment to a local white wine such as Riesling.BaeckeoffeBaeckeoffe is a kind of stew, not to be confused with the Lorraine hotpot, a culinary specialty ofNancy. It consists of potatoes, carrots, onions and three different meats: pork, beef and lamb. Savor this dish in the many restaurants of Strasbourg before enjoying the city’s heritage. A well-deserved gourmet break, which you can also enjoy at the restaurant of your Campanile hotel, where the chef is happy to offer you local culinary specialties.FlammekuecheThe gourmet getaway in Strasbourg continues with the inevitable flammekueche. Savor it in the comfort and conviviality of your Campanile hotel's restaurant or venture into one of the city's traditional inns. Don’t miss the chance to discover this fine tart which has many fans. The bread dough is very thin and covered with fresh cream, slices of onion and bacon. It is then cooked over a wood fire. A kind of eastern France version of pizza, which will please young and old alike.