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Want to discover Dordogne, its locally sourced produce, its cities of character? Stay in Perigueux with Campanile hotels.

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A business or family stay planned in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine? Stay in Périgueux at our friendly Campanile hotel. It lies 5 km from the city center, 4 km from the train station and just 1 km from the airport. Free parking, a restaurant serving fresh produce and meeting rooms are available… our hotel has everything!

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Enjoy the comfort of Campanile rooms in Périgueux. Depending on the establishment, you’ll find private parking, meeting rooms, restaurants with self-serve buffets or à la carte dishes, as well as evening entertainment.

Hotel campanile perigueux boulazac

3.5 km from the city center

Hotel campanile bergerac

44.3 km from the city center

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What to do in Périgueux

In 2 days
1 week
As a family

Start your short stay in Périgueux by strolling through the cozy streets of the historic center, where you can admire the buildings and mansions. Next, visit the Barrière castle, the Saint-Front cathedral, built in the 12th century, and the Saint-Etienne de la Cité church, a fine example of Perigordian Romanesque art, built in the 11th century. Finally, enjoy your weekend in our Campanile hotels in Dordogne with an adventure on the island by canoe-kayak or on a cruise ship, enabling you to admire the surrounding landscapes in a preserved natural viewpoint.

Booked a room for a week at Campanile Perigueux? You will have the chance to discover all the riches of the city. Visit the Vesunna Museum to learn more about the Gallo-Roman origins of the city and relax in the adjoining Vesone Garden. You can also admire the Vesone Tower, once a temple dedicated to the goddess of the same name. Next, discover the remains of the fortified walls of the city, such as the Mataguerre Tower, and don’t miss out on a visit to the Sainte-Marthe Convent. Your stay in Dordogne will be exciting!

Staying in Perigueux with your family? After a good breakfast, relax in the city's parks and gardens, and don’t forget to sample local downtown product tastings, which will delight foodies, young and old alike! If you're traveling, take a stroll through Lanmary's national forest, which is less than a 20-minute drive from Perigueux. During your stay in the Dordogne at our Campanile hotels, let yourself be tempted, along with your teenagers, by tree climbing at Parc Cornille Aventure, a 15-minute drive from Périgueux.

Périgueux’ culinary specialties

Booked a room at the Campanile Périgueux? Discover the culinary specialties of Périgord in our welcoming restaurant. Are you a duck fan? Then enjoy delicious duck breast or confit. The region is also known for its foie gras as well as its local products such as truffles and morels. Treat yourself (in moderation) to local wines from Domme, produced near Sarlat, local wine from Bergerac, or Pécharmant, a red wine from the region.
Evénements Campanile

Must-see events in Périgueux

In Dordogne, don’t miss La Fébrilée, a festival celebrating local culture with street entertainment, concerts and local produce tastings. Music lovers will appreciate the New Orleans Music Festival in Périgord, which celebrates blues and jazz, the Sinfonia Festival, dedicated to Baroque music, and the Macadam Jazz Festival. More interested in the seventh art? Every year, Cinespañol Périgueux pays tribute to films from Hispanic countries. Don’t forget to indulge in activities offered by the Campanile Hotel Périgueux, including aperitifs, themed evenings, etc.
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Interesting facts about Périgueux

The Latin motto of the city of Périgueux is "Fortitudo mea civie fides", meaning "My strength is in the loyalty of my citizens". It is attributed to the fourteenth century, after the English were driven out of the city during the Hundred Years War, thanks to the armies, but also to the loyalty of the inhabitants. This motto is also shared by the city ofAngouleme, where you’ll also find Campanile hotels! Don’t hesitate to book your room at one of our friendly establishments to discover the rich historical heritage of these cities!