HotelForYou for your iPhone™ or Androïd®

Book your hotel room in real time at the best rates, all from your mobile phone!

Campanile now offers the HotelForYou application free of charge for youriPhone™ or Smartphone Androïd®, allowing you to quickly and easily find and book a hotel room in real time anywhere in France or the rest of Europe.


Get HotelForYou free of charge on your mobile phone with just a few clicks!

Download HotelForYou for your iPhone

Dowload HotelForYou for your Android


Five features to help you save time   

- Instantly find your nearest hotel (via localisation with a sat nav system*) or in the city of your choice.

*For iPhone™ devices with sat nav.

- Find available rooms in real time and get the day’s best rates for every hotel.

- Get all of the information (address, email, telephone) and service available at your hotel.

- Map the best route to your hotel using your chosen means of transport.

- Save a list of your favourite hotels.