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For a business trip or a family stay, the 3-star Campanile Narbonne hotel offers modern and comfortable rooms, a restaurant, free unlimited WiFi, parking as well as equipped meeting rooms.

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Enjoy the comfort of Campanile rooms in Narbonne. Depending on the establishment, you’ll find private parking, meeting rooms, restaurants with self-serve buffets or à la carte dishes, as well as evening entertainment.







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Planning to go to Béziers for a business trip or a family stay? The teams at our Campanile hotels are happy to give you to a warm welcome in rooms with all the mod cons and offer you an all-you-can eat buffet breakfast in the restaurant. You'll enjoy the services offered by our 3-star hotels in the beautiful Occitan region.

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What to do in Narbonne?

In 2 days
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Take advantage of your stay at our Campanile hotel to visit to vineyards. Château Monfort-Lussan, for example, is the perfect spot to discover a vineyard that’s over 2,000 years old and take part in a wine tasting. A day can also be devoted to a stroll through the city center, especially along the Canal de la Robine, a Unesco World Heritage Site. You can walk or bike along its shores, or rent an electric boat to see the city from a different angle.
Start your journey with a tour of Narbonne’s vineyards and its downtown area. For history buffs, Notre Dame de Lamourgier Church today is home to the Lapidaire museum’s collections, containing 1,300 blocks of carved stone Roman funerary monuments. The Archbishop’s palace, the second-largest set of religious structures in France, is home to the city’s art and history museum. More surprisingly, the palace contains rooms that still have their original decor.
Narbonne is the hometown of the poet and singer Charles Trenet. His childhood home is open to the public and immerses visitors in the texts and songs that all French people grew up with. The tour of the charming little house is set to music and it includes the singer’s mother’s apartment and the apartment of the “Fou Chantant” (the singing madman), Trenet’s nickname. Trenet’s home is located just a few minutes from the Campanile hotel in Narbonne. Next, to delight both young and older children, there’s nothing like a kayak ride down the canal.

Top 3 gastronomic experiences in Narbonne


A stay in Narbonne during the summer season wouldn’t be the same without a nice sardinade, the Languedoc’s traditional dish par excellence! Very fresh and often caught the same day or the day before, grilled sardines prepared with olive oil and herbes de Provence will be the star of your aperitifs or meals in Narbonne. Choose a local white or rosé wine to accompany them and voilà! The staff at your Campanile hotel's restaurant will be happy to advise you.

Narbonne wines

When you arrive in Narbonne by car, you'll travel through the heart of the vineyards. Taste the city’s and the region’s unique wines. Complement your tasting of Aude wines with delicious Narbonne olives, called Lucques olives. They're grown only in the Languedoc and have a very tasty flesh, in both the black and green varieties. Take advantage of your stay in Narbonne to discover the many varieties of Aude wines: Cabarèdes, Clap Quatourze, Corbières, Fitou, Limoux, etc.

Les Halles de Narbonne

To get an idea of what Narbonne gastronomy is all about and find all the local specialties, you have to visit the city’s Halles market. The region’s best produce is available there and it’s one of France’s finest markets. You’ll find more than 70 merchants in this large pavilion with the best fresh produce, fine wines, cheeses, fish, fruit and vegetables. The Halles is open from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on weekdays and until 5:00 p.m. on Sundays.
Evénements Campanile

Events in Narbonne

Music festival

The "Festival Trenet, y a d'la joie" takes place each year. This is how the city of Narbonne celebrates the songs of its poet. Concerts, exhibitions and festivals are held in various streets across the city. Since 2008, the city has also hosted the "Musiques au présent" festival. At this festival, not only will you discover contemporary and classical music artists, but there are also chances to discover renowned and lesser known artists alike throughout the city. A day to enjoy listening to music but also for exceptional encounters. This internationally renowned festival is unique throughout France.

St. John and the Mediterranean Horizon

The entire city also comes alive during the "Feux de la Saint-Jean" at the end of June. For a whole day, the city celebrates the feast of St. John, a symbol of peace and brotherhood, traditionally celebrated with stunning fireworks. Narbonne also comes alive during the "Horizon méditerranée" event, a four-day celebration of Mediterranean culture. Artists from all over the Mediterranean meet in Narbonne for a colorful spectacle.





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