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Enjoy your family vacation or business trip at a Campanile hotel-restaurant in downtown Montpellier, and enjoy a warm and friendly welcome.

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Enjoy Montpellier by staying at our 3-star Campanile hotels. Enjoy our comfortable rooms, regional restaurants, parking and rooms for your meetings and study days.


Places of interest around Montpellier hotels

Find the not to be missed sights of Montpellier

hôtels Campanile Palavas-les-Flots


Between nature and festivities, Palavas-les-Flots offers diversity. There's as much Palavas-Les-Flots as there are hours in a day. Following the path of the sun, the city seems to change, and with it, its ambiance. In the morning, true to a three-century-old tradition, fishermen cast their nets in the canal and you can watch the bustle that surrounds their boats coming back in. The fishermen huff and puff under the clouds of seagulls that are drawn by the smell of fresh fish. In the morning, the Palavas is a city of tradition. In the afternoon, it is a place of walks on the beach and in nature. The region is in fact one of the recognized Wetlands of International Importance, due to the beauty and rarity of its natural heritage. Take the time to stroll along the lagoons and discover the variety and fragility of its fauna and flora. Finally, Palavas-les-Flots in the evening is dressed in lights. Throughout the year, festivities and entertainment come one after the other, bathing the city and the tides in colored light. A welcoming and family-centered three-in-one city with many reasons to charm you, about twenty minutes’ drive from your Campanile Montpellier Le Millénaire and Campanile Montpellier Sud hotels.

hôtels Campanile Eglise Saint-Roch

Eglise Saint-Roch

The Eglise Saint Roch church is a peaceful stop on the pilgrims road. In the heart of historic Montpellier, Place Saint-Roch has over time become a natural and friendly meeting place for the residents of Montpellier. Accessible by tram (lines 1-4, Comédie or Observatoire stop), a 15 minutes’ drive from Campanile Montpellier Sud hotels and Campanile Montpellier Le Millénaire hotels, it focuses on all the annual celebrations (Fête de la Musique, Fête de la Saint-Roch) as well as occasional activities such as markets and flea markets. It’s a place with an always-warm atmosphere that is lively at all times of the day. Yet the square mainly features the neo-Gothic church of the same name. The latter has since 2004 welcomed pilgrims on the roads to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle and Rome, which earns it international standing. Reconstructed after the Revolution on the ruins of the former Convent of the Trinitaires, it is now home to the relics of Saint-Roch, the 14th century Christian figure who became the patron saint of pilgrims and plague victims and whose worship is celebrated around the world. So it’s no wonder that the square now symbolizes this tradition, of welcoming, which you can enjoy yourself by resting on a terrace, not far from the fountain.

hôtels Campanile Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Montpellier

Saint-Pierre de Montpellier Cathedral

After leaving your Campanile Montpellier Le Millénaire hotel, a family exploration of Montpellier's Ecusson district is always a great time for all ages. As you start off along the medieval streets, gaze at the past centuries on the parvis of Saint-Pierre Cathedral. Erected in 1536, this southern Gothic church is the largest in Montpellier and in the region formerly known as Languedoc-Roussillon. Given its appearance as a fortress, you can easily understand why. Take the time to gaze at its four circular columns measuring 4.5 m in diameter, forming a massive canopy. Saint-Pierre Cathedral is an imposing monument you should visit on your walk from your Campanile Montpellier Sud hotel. It’s a great testimony to Montpellier’s history and its role during the Middle Ages and the religious wars. With the extension of the School of Medicine, which is also located in a former Benedictine convent, the entire cathedral is a great voyage back in time. If you have the chance, visit the School of Medicine to discover this historic site from a more intimate point of view: the unprecedented meeting of science and religion. After this tour, take your whole family to the district of the first medical school in France. The Museum and Conservatory of Anatomy, located on the other side of the cathedral, will enchant future doctors.

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Hôtels Saint Clément De Rivière Campanile

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Saint Clément De Rivière

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Top things to do in Montpellier

In 2 days
1 week
As a family
Traveling to Montpellier for a weekend is ideal for exploring the city and revealing its mysteries. During your stay at our Campanile hotels, start with Old Montpellier and its long cobblestone shopping streets. Admire its historically listed architecture and visit the famous Place de la Comédie. Plan to walk down the Corum esplanade to the famous Antigone area. Take advantage of your prime location to discover all the Greek gods that adorn the neighborhood, built with Greek culture in mind.
During a week-long stay, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy Montpellier and the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Downtown, enjoy the many monuments, testaments to a rich and exciting history, including the medical school and the Arc de Triomphe. Visit the famous Fabre Museum of Fine Arts, which houses an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate a hike to Saint-Loup peak to take in unique landscapes or a long trip through the Hérault gorges in canoe. For a day of shopping and relaxation, head to the Odysseum shopping mall and enjoy its restaurants and entertainment options like cinema and bowling.
Choosing Montpellier for a family stay, with children, is a great idea since the vibrant and lively city offers plenty of activities. Start by discovering the Mare Nostrum aquarium in Odysseum. Then, take advantage of being in Odysseum to discover the planetarium, go ice skating or watch a film and the movie theatre. In this huge complex, you can finish your day at a traditional restaurant or one that has a more original concept, like pirate-themed eatery that children really love.

The best foodie getaways in Montpellier

Sea delights, a gourmet stopover in Montpellier

Taste local flavors at restaurants in Montpellier or at our Campanile restaurants. Traditional regional delights include seafood platters, crab soup, bull meat or hare in saupiquet sauce. Foodies are sure to head to La Reserve Rimbaud, a delicious restaurant located in a beautiful green oasis with views of the Lez river.

Plan a stopover in Nîmes to fill up on flavor

Less than an hour from Montpellier, stay at one of ourCampanile hotel-restaurants in Nîmes. The city offers a wide variety of culinary specialties, starting with the famous cod brandade. You’ll enjoy trying it at one of our Campanile restaurants. For a gourmet break, try the excellent caladon, a tasty almond cookie.

Béziers Sweets

Not far from Montpellier, Béziers is a great choice for a getaway. It's an ideal destination for a taste of the flavors of the Languedoc region. Béziers petits pâtés are a delicious aperitif-time treat to pair with Cataroise de Béziers, a sweet wine once named Picardan. For your dessert, the Coque Saint-Aphrodise, a sweet brioche flavored with orange blossom, will captivate you with its poetic name and subtle flavors.





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