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Want to rediscover the history of the kings of France or visit a city world-renowned for its champagne? Less than an hour from Paris, Reims is the perfect destination for a pleasant stay with Campanile hotels!

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Would you like to rediscover the history of the kings of France or visit a city world-famous for champagne? Our 3-star hotels in Reims feature modern rooms, free Wi-Fi, a quality restaurant, meeting rooms and parking. The atmosphere is friendly and pleasant.


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Find the not to be missed sights of Reims

hôtels Campanile Palais du Tau - Musée de l'Œuvre

Palais du Tau - Musée de l'Œuvre

Tau Palace, a royal residence in Reims! Appended to the Reims Cathedral, Tau Palace is named for its T-shaped plan, "tau" in Greek. Take advantage of your nearby Campanile Reims-Cathédrale hotel to visit this building full of history. In fact, what now functions as the museum of the cathedral’s treasures was erected at the end of the 4th century, on the location of a Gallo-Roman residence, which indicates to what degree the latter forms part of the Reims landscape. As the main residence of the archbishop of Reims at the time of the Ancien Régime, the palace also hosted the royal family during coronations. Today, many treasures are exhibited there, in keeping with its sumptuous past. You can see the coronation chalice, made of gold and precious stones, which was the famous talisman of Charlemagne, and the reliquary of Sainte Epine, who is said to have protected one of the thorns in Jesus’s crown. After your visit, take the time to sit down with your family at the Tau tea room and taste sweet treats while enjoying a unique view of the Reims Cathedral.


hôtels Campanile Basilique Saint-Rémi

St. Remi Basilica

Saint-Remi Basilica, a place full of history and symbols! Built in the 11th century, Saint-Remi Basilica is a treasure of Roman art. Located within walking distance of your Campanile hotel, enjoy your journey to admire the beauty held by this city full of history. 126 meters long, the purpose of this Roman-Gothic style basilica was to house Sainte Ampoule, who had served during the baptism of Clovis. At the heart of the choir, discover Saint Remi’s tomb, rebuilt in 1847. To the right of the basilica, you can also admire the statue representing the bishop baptizing Clovis during the events that took place in 498, on the current site of the Reims Cathedral. This emblem of Christianity, and also of French history, can be visited anytime of day, unless it is during religious services. As a family, why not take advantage of assistance from a guide to learn more about the origins of this basilica and the importance of Clovis’s baptism for the coronation of the kings who came after him? An ideal visit to discover Reims and the symbols that continue to be important to the city today.

hôtels Campanile Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims

On the road to history with Reims Cathedral. Listed on the Unesco World Heritage List in 1991, Notre Dame de Reims is an iconic landmark in France's history. With your Campanile hotel Reims Centre Cathédrale, you’re located close to the Cathedral and therefore can take advantage of your day to discover one of the most important creations of Gothic art in France. Stop in front of this majestic structure, with its towers which are 81.5 meters high. The Cathedral was built in the exact location where Clovis would have been baptized. Take the time to admire the 2,303 statues including the one of the emblem of Reims, located on the left portal, the Ange au Sourire. In the den of this cathedral, 25 kings of France were crowned. The Cathedral also host protagonists that have marked history, such as Joan of Arc, whose statue you can admire, inside and outside the monument. Far from being forgotten after the Revolution, the great lady of Reims continues to mark history. It is after all at the feet of the latter that Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer chose to meet in July 1962 to seal the French-German reconciliation. It’s therefore a journey through time that awaits you under the vaults of Reims Cathedral.

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What to do in Reims

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Discover Reims during your stay in one of our Campanile hotels. Reims is above all the "city of coronations"; A visit to the Notre-Dame Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is essential! Don’t forget to admire the Chagall stained glass windows at the end of the nave before heading to the Palais du Tau, which features a collection of coins from the royal treasury.The second day of your stay can then be devoted to the second most famous aspect of Reims: its champagne! Several champagne houses in the heart of the city even offer guided tours.
For a week-long stay in Reims, you can take a tour of champagne houses such as Veuve Cliquot, Pommery, Ruinart... then head off to explore the vineyards which are located a few kilometers to the south. There are many routes you can take by bike, on foot or by car in the regional natural park of the Montagne de Reims! In the evening, enjoy the nightlife of the city with its many restaurants and bars located in the center around the long Place Drouet d'Erlon. Discover the Musée des Beaux-Arts of Reims, with its bountiful collection.
How about a pleasant stroll in the Parc de Montagne de Reims with the family, or through the heart of the forest of Verzy. It is a forest of "faux", spectacular trees with very singular forms (twisted branches in all directions). The trail is easy and well marked!In the villages of Bouzy and Athis, half an hour from the city, you can also visit a snail farm and a set of 11 aviaries with more than 300 species of birds from all continents. In Verzy, there is also the Arboxygène adventure trail, ideal for little ones (4-7 years).

Top 3 gastronomic experiences in Reims

Sample the local cuisine at your hotel restaurant in ReimsOur 3-star hotels in Reims are inspired by local dishes and recipes for their restaurant menus.ChampagneIf you love champagne, or just enjoy a drink from time to time, you are in the right city: Reims is the capital of champagne!Le biscuit roseMade with vanilla pods, this biscuit is cooked twice (hence the word “bis-cuit”); it is then traditionally dipped… in champagne! It is one of France’s oldest biscuits, very closely associated with maison Fossier.
Evénements Campanile

What are the spotlight events in Reims?

“Méli'môme” Festival In October, the “Les Expressives” festival is a must-visit. For four days, free performances of all kinds (circus, theater, comedy, etc.) are organized in the streets of Poitiers. Amateur artists are also invited to participate! Music festivals In May, fans of electronic music will love Elektricity festival. At the end of June, the Bruisme festival is dedicated to experimental music and improvisation, while the famous Reims Jazz festival is held in November.





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