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The Campanile hotels in Clermont-Ferrand welcome you warmly, so you can enjoy a pleasant stay in Auvergne. They are the starting point for your discovery of Clermont-Ferrand and more widely the area of Puy-de-Dôme. You can also enjoy regional flavors in Campanile restaurants, which offer French meats, sharing boards and cocktails.


Places of interest around Clermont-Ferrand hotels

Find the not to be missed sights of Clermont-Ferrand

hôtels Campanile L'Aventure Michelin

L’Aventure Michelin

Take on the Aventure Michelin challenge as a family. It's a story that very many families don't know about. A story that played out here, in Clermont-Ferrand, in Auvergne, was the birth of a French brand, which has become international today. Who could question the reputation of the Bibendum brand. You’ll learn about all the facets of this very colorful character as you stroll through this site, with a scenography that’s as much fun as it is inventive. The scenography follows the image of the brand: its diversity and richness is surprising. Between planes, interactive layouts, various models of exhibited vehicles, there's something for everyone. The 9-ton 10-wheeler, 2CV Citroën, tricyles, prototypes, Aventure Michelin is an attraction that will inspire all would-be mechanics. You can get up close to the models and touch and smell them for a complete experience. Passing through the showroom and activities area on the first floor, you’ll discover the entire range of Michelin tires; not to mention the maps, guides and Michelin items that contributed to the brand’s success and the legend of the two Michelin brothers. A few minutes from your Campanile hotel Clermont Ferrand Centre, Aventure Michelin tells you a family story. Nothing like a family visit to trigger a calling!

hôtels Campanile Musée Bargoin

Musée Bargoin

The Bargoin Museum reveals Auvergne heritage to you. While it can sometimes be difficult to take children to a museum, budding archaeologists will be easily drawn to Bargoin Museum. Pass under the opulent entrance and its academic bas-relief to discover a place devoted to the history of the region. Once inside, your family will enjoy the impressive grand staircase that takes center stage and leads to the upper floor. Start by visiting the section dedicated to archeology. On site, you’ll find many remains, from digs conducted in the region, such as the skeleton of the “young girl from Cheix” dating to Ancient Neolithic. Prehistory is followed by Antiquity, with some items coming from the depths of time. Gallo-Roman glassware, holy objects, statuettes, clothing: there’s nothing like it to explain history to children. If you didn’t do so at the entrance, think about taking your children to the giant foot of the statue that takes center stage at the entrance. The result is guaranteed. More delicate, the textile arts section is no less instructive and proves to be an enriching educational outing. The museum combines this important collection with temporary exhibitions, guided tours for the family and children’ workshops for a journey through time with family.

hôtels Campanile Polydôme - Centre d'expositions et de congrès

Polydôme - Exhibition and Convention Center

The pleasure of being together. At Polydome, there are many ways to discover Clermont-Ferrand as a family and this can happen through a tour of Polydome, located at 950m from Campanile hotel Clermont Ferrand Centre. Between the picturesque Montferrand district and the historic center, with the district of the Basilica of Notre-Dame du Port in Clermont-Ferrand, this event center is easily accessible. Meet on the tree-lined Place du 1er Mai, to walk with barefoot on the grass as a family. On this unofficial garden for Polydome’s events, children will find an amusement park with a play area and, in the summertime, swimming pools and water games. In fact, from the Sable Show to the Parkafun, fun family events are regularly organized during the summer. Slides, events, inflatable attractions, there’s something for everyone! But grown-ups, rest assured. Polydome also has something for more mature audiences. The proof of this is the “Coopé”, the Coopérative de Mai. In this the biggest concert hall in Clermont-Ferrand, you can attend concerts of all kinds, since the program of events is so eclectic. It’s perhaps the opportunity to foster musical curiosity in younger people. After all, talent has no age.

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What to do in Clermont Ferrand

In 2 days
1 week
As a family
In two days, discover the great heritage of a two-thousand-year old city. Start your visit to Clermont-Ferrand with the Gothic cathedral of Notre-Dame, followed up by the Bayette Tower which offers stunning city views. Other local heritage highlight is the basilica of Notre-Dame-du-Port, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Don’t miss a visit to the backcountry, with its lush volcanoes and beautiful landscapes.
Head to Clermont-Ferrand for a week to sample all the charms of this pleasant city. Its millennial heritage is present everywhere. Explore the medieval district of Montferrand, a distinct town to Clermont-Ferrand originally, which has preserved its fortified medieval layout and some beautiful mansions. This protected area is one of the oldest in France. During your evenings, try some local flavors in the very beautiful Place de Jaude in the heart of the town. Finally, a stay in our Campanile hotels in Clermont-Ferrand would not be perfect without planning some backcountry walks, so explore the parc naturel des volcans d’Auvergne.
The city has given special thought to making its heritage accessible to children. Are they fans of museums? The Michelin adventure reinterprets the industrial story of the group through a fun trail for the youngest. Just steps from the city, the historic Puy-de-Dôme volcano offers a family-friendly adventure for young and old. Further on, the Gergovie Plateau commemorates Vercingetorix's victory over Julius Caesar in 52 BC, and is an ideal location for a family stroll, just steps away from the park of the Vulcania theme park, which reveals to children and adults the fascinating world of volcanoes.

Gastronomic experiences in Clermont-Ferrand

Local specialties include the famous Auvergne charcuteries, and truffles and other aligots have a place of choice. Cheeses are legion here and internationally recognized, such as saint-nectaire, cantal, salers, bleu d’Auvergne, or fourme d’Ambert. Take time to stop to discover the cheese specialties in Aurillac, in one of the city’s family-friendly fromageries. Our Campanile hotel-restaurants in Clermont-Ferrand also offer the opportunity to indulge in some regional delicacies paired with some tasty wines.

Clermont-Ferrand and its candied fruits

Clermont-Ferrand has specialized in fruit pastilles, jellies and candied fruit since the time of Louis XI. This century-old tradition is still very much alive and exported around the world. Originally, these fruit pastilles were even an unmissable gift for any notable personality travelling through the region. Later, Madame de Sévigné launched a fashion for confits. The Second Empire marked the golden age for the city’s confectioners.

Make a foodie stopover

Aux Délices des Puys is an unmissable address in Clermont-Ferrand, to discover sweet delicacies during a foodie getaway in Auvergne. Between nougats, candied fruits, candies, pralines and other sources of pleasure, such as pastilles, specialties from Vichy, you’ll step back into your childhood and discover some ancient handmade goods.





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