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In June, let's celebrate sustainable gastronomy!

Gourmet, responsible, and gourmet again.
gourmet and seasonal recipes, designed for their taste and their low environmental impact. To enjoy without moderation in our restaurants! 

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A breakfast that is good for you and the planet!

Breakfast good for you and the planet!

To offer you a responsible breakfast, we select regional, seasonal and organic products, bulk food to limit plastic, etc. And we limit food waste with our partner Too Good To Go, the application that promotes unsold food at low prices. In 2022, nearly 30,000 baskets were recycled by our hotels, the equivalent of food for 393 people for one month or of the emission of 74 tons of CO2, which reprensents 883 flights between Paris and New York.

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Discover sustainable and delicious recipes

Sustainable cooking involves sensible consumption, reducing waste and animal proteins, favouring local and seasonal products, while keeping the taste for good food. This month, we have prepared some tasty and responsible recipes for you: coral lentil curry, bean and parmesan risotto, hummus platter with sun-dried tomatoes and pita bread... So, what will you choose?

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Pulses take center stage

Pulses are one of the somewhat forgotten and neglected vegetables, but they are coming back into fashion, and we understand why! They are rich in protein, magnesium and potassium and have a low glycemic index. And they are also good for the planet, since legumes do not need nitrogen fertilizer. Combined with seasonal fruit and vegetables, they offer a varied and balanced range of flavours. Come in our restaurants and enjoy them with us!