Experience a vibrant Christmas by touring the most beautiful Christmas lights from city to city with Campanile…

If Christmas has that special flavor, it's probably because it allows us to reconnect with the sweetness of childhood simply by looking up. And for that, Christmas lights are precious allies! Starting in November, many city centers adorn themselves with their finest decorations to showcase their heritage and dazzle us. With a profusion of electric garlands, luminous sculptures, enchanting decor, lights burst forth, and colors shine to offer us an exceptional spectacle. Get ready to be thrilled; we've put together a selection of French cities that offer the most beautiful Christmas lights!

Paris, a Stroll in the City of Lights

Our journey in search of the most beautiful Christmas lights naturally begins in the capital. While Paris has multiple attractions all year round, in winter, the City of Lights becomes even more magnificent with over 150 illuminated streets to explore throughout its neighborhoods. However, there are some must-see places if you want to truly dazzle your senses starting from November 19th, whether you're a tourist or a local. 

To start, head to the Champs-Élysées, where the avenue is enhanced by a majestic spectacle that leads straight to the Arc de Triomphe. Not far away, Avenue Montaigne and its luxurious establishments, dressed in lights by famous designers, shine with elegance. Then, go to Boulevard Haussmann with its Christmas windows, which attract thousands of visitors, young and old, every year. Finally, you arrive at the Grands Boulevards, offering a more Parisian but equally vibrant atmosphere. 

Apart from Paris's most beautiful Christmas lights, also be captivated by the charm of the mini Christmas markets scattered here and there, from Saint-Germain-des-Prés to Montmartre, passing by Notre-Dame and the Tuileries. This itinerary will not only brighten your weekend but also let you revisit your classic Parisian experiences! 

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Strasbourg, the Capital of Christmas Lights

It's impossible to talk about the most beautiful Christmas lights without mentioning Strasbourg! Dubbed the Capital of Christmas, Strasbourg stands out as the most beautiful Christmas market in Europe. There's no need to extol the quality of its Christmas lights. From November 24th onwards, everything is about light, electric garlands, stars, and twinkles. From street to street, square to square, a real light-filled itinerary guides you through the 11 lively Christmas markets. 

Among the must-sees are the Cathedral, sublime with its luminous angels; the Gate of Lights, the entry point to the magic of Alsatian Christmas; the Hallebardes Street with its impressively-sized surprise decorations; the Mésange Street with its enchanted tree forest, and, last but not least, the iconic Great Christmas Tree! Get ready to be dazzled! 

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Reims, as Sparkling as a Glass of Champagne!

As the capital of champagne, Reims has a lot to offer to make you sparkle with joy starting from November 24th! Rediscover the city of Clovis in vibrant colors, emphasizing its historical heritage to enchant its visitors and immerse them in the Christmas spirit. Whether you're solo, with a partner, or with family, you can admire the Cathedral, enhanced by a high-quality sound and light show; the Erlon Square, home to the imposing Christmas tree and the Ferris wheel, perfect for getting a view from above. Lastly, head to Promenades Jean-Louis Schneiter, where you'll find 150 Christmas chalets filled with local and artisanal products, as well as some champagne bars. It's an ideal stop to conclude this sparkling journey! 

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Lille, Christmas from Above!

Starting from November 22nd, Lille welcomes you to its Christmas Village for a stroll with a North Pole atmosphere! Highly anticipated, Lille's Christmas market adds an extra touch of magic to a city already known for its warmth and historic center. Here, the focus is on tradition and local culture. While you'll inevitably encounter reindeer and elves, you can also expect to meet Le P'tit Quinquin! 

Just as unmissable as the 89 stalls in the Christmas Market, the Ferris wheel, located in the central square, offers a suspended moment in front of a city adorned with lights. And whether you're young or old, give in to the desire for a ride on the magnificent Carrousel. Not far from there, the Christmas Tree awaits, the highlight of this escapade in the land of "fricadelles," and you can cross it effortlessly thanks to the Christmas train! 

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Nice, Christmas under the Palm Trees

A city of carnival and celebration, Nice doesn't fall behind when winter arrives! Starting from December 7th, the beauty of the South adorns itself with lights to amaze the thousands of visitors who flock here every year. In the streets of Old Nice, you'll find no less than 2,468 meters of luminous garlands adorning the building facades. And, because it's the South, from the Promenade de Carras to Rauba Capeu, you'll encounter around 400 illuminated palm trees along your way! 

In addition to these traditional Christmas lights, a visit to Nice is also an opportunity to fill your stockings with unique local gifts! And for even higher dreams, Nice also has a luminous Ferris wheel... 

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Marseille, Between Santons and the Pier

While the "Bonne Mère" (referring to the statue of the Virgin Mary overlooking the city) lights up the city year-round, when Christmas approaches, Marseille extends its luminous aura to every corner of the city. Festivities kick off on December 1st, and the landscape unveils different shades. The blue of the sea becomes electric, the city center twinkles with decorated shop windows, and the Christmas market sets up shop at the Old Port. But to witness the best Christmas lights in Marseille, head to La Canebière. 

A highlight of this high-voltage month is December 21st, with the "Nuit de Lumière" (Night of Light), an impressive pyrotechnic show set to music by DJ Faze, electrifying the Quai du Port. And because it's good to promote Provence, don't forget to make a detour to the "Foire aux Santons" (Santons Fair), perfect for enhancing your nativity scene, as well as the "Village des enfants" (Children's Village), where activities will delight the little ones as night falls! 

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Bordeaux, An Electric Love!

When you love something, you don't count! This is how the "Bordeaux en scène" (Bordeaux on Stage) journey was designed to illuminate the city starting from November 24th. Be prepared for an avalanche of numbers that might just make you look up to the sky! 

So, in Bordeaux, Christmas lights are no laughing matter, as the city boasts an impressive 750 decorations spread across 120 locations. There are 700,000 diodes scattered throughout the city to enhance its key landmarks, along with miles of garlands, 32 Christmas trees, and the famous "Géant de Verre," a glass and steel Christmas tree that leaves its admirers in awe... Between each of these exceptional spots, you'll find charming Christmas chalets, an ice rink, and a secret hideaway where you can meet Santa Claus in person... 

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Colmar, Christmas All Year Round...

Colmar has a unique feature – you don't have to wait for Christmas to enjoy its enchanting decorations. In this Alsatian town, they've chosen to showcase their charming streets and half-timbered facades all year round with stunning lights inspired by the themes of fire, water, air, and earth. A festival of blue, red, green, and gold enhances the architectural details and reliefs through 1,000 luminous points. 

And when Christmas comes, Colmar takes on an even more magical dimension as it ranks among the most beautiful Christmas markets in France. From the Cathedral Square to the Dominicans' Square, passing through the Koïfhus, the Christmas spirit will envelop you step by step. Don't miss the Children's Choir singing on the river, the treasure hunt, ideal for exploring the city, and the Santa Claus mailboxes because it's never too late to make a wish! 

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Lyon, the Epicenter of the Festival of Lights

While Lyon lends itself with elegance and creativity to the tradition of Christmas lights from the end of November, it's undoubtedly the weekend of December 7th that you should plan to visit. The famous Festival of Lights makes the city simply radiant. For four days, 250 sites are adorned with impressive light installations, created by young talents and renowned artists. A true invitation to explore the city, each façade tells a story and leaves us suspended in time. Sometimes spectacular, sometimes intimate, sometimes participatory, always unexpected, each lighting display reveals a new facet of these monuments, even though you may have seen them a thousand times. 

In short, get ready to feast your eyes and immerse yourself in a festive atmosphere that spans from Place Carnot to Rue de la République, through Cours Lafayette, Bellecour, or the Opera. And, of course, here and there, you'll surely encounter a "bouchon" or two to share a plate of Rosette! 

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Quimper, Breton Dreams...

To complete this tour of the most beautiful Christmas lights in France, we had to make a stop in the west. While there's no shortage of ideas for visiting Brittany, it's in Quimper that you'll park your sleigh to enjoy a setting worthy of a Christmas tale. Starting from December 2nd, as night falls, Quimper transforms. 

The cathedral becomes part of a sound and light show, where the four elements come together in a breathtaking scenography. Place au Beurre (Butter Square) is even more enchanting with a delicate, bluish snow, and Place Terre-au-Duc (Earth-to-Duke Square) adorns itself with a strange, sparkling garden. It's magical, just like a good sugar crepe and a bowl of cider! 

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While our journey ends here, the truth is that almost everywhere in France, you'll find beautiful Christmas lights and cheerful Christmas markets. They may vary in size and grandeur, but they all deserve a visit if they offer you the opportunity to create wonderful memories with your loved ones while supporting local producers. 

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