The bike is king in Amsterdam! In fact, there are more bikes there than residents. Crazy right? Biking is how every local gets around the city and enjoys everything it has to offer!

And how about you? Fancy a family trip to every cyclist’s favourite city and a stay at our Campanile hotel

Visit Amsterdam with your family, where practicality and pleasure meet

More than just an affordable way of getting around, cycling is a fun way to visit the city with kids. Amsterdam’s historic centre is not too large and has plenty of cycle lanes. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional cyclist to enjoy a safe and relaxing tour of the city. To be fair, at the start of your stay, it might be a bit disconcerting to see the Amsterdammers going absolutely everywhere on two wheels (if you want to surprise your Dutch friends, use the colloquial 'Mokummer' instead!)  To join in, go to one of the many bike rentals as soon as you arrive (there’s one at the main station). You can rent a simple bike, or one with a baby carrier, a parent-child tandem, a bike-cart, or a bike buggy for carrying small children around. 

Day 1: The historic city center of Amsterdam with your family
Amsterdam campanile

3,2,1 and we’re off!

With the kids in tow, start your trip at the main station and head down Prinsengracht quay to Jordaan, a former working-class district that is now home to one of Amsterdam’s most trendy and charming neighbourhoods. With its 17th century architecture, tiny houses, narrow streets and canals, Jordaan is one of the most famous postcard-worthy places in Amsterdam, a definite must-see area of the city. Take in the sights on your bike and stop for a coffee outside one of its many cafés. The perfect moment to indulge in a tempting snack (time to channel your inner foodista!), and maybe give in to some retail therapy or just some window-shopping. The area is also home to the Cheese Museum, the Tulip Museum and the famous Anne Frank House.

You will eventually reach the city’s historic centre via the Nejen Straatjes (Nine Streets) district, made up of exactly 3 small parallel streets. From there, you’ll soon reach the Paleisstraat, which will take you straight to the fabulous Royal Palace of Amsterdam, a sight not to be missed! After a full day on the saddle, you all deserve to relax and chat about the day’s events over a delicious dinner! 

Day 2: Getaway to Ouderkerk aan de Amstel with your children
Amsterdam campanile

It’s time to get back on the saddle!

After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, visit the famous Van Gogh Museum or the country’s flagship Rijksmuseum of Dutch art and history. Need some downtime after your cultural interlude? Well, the Vondel Park is just round the corner and it’s perfect for a family stroll. Its wide paths make it easy for cyclists and the kids will love the many playgrounds, the ideal spot for a picnic.

Then, when you’re ready, head out of central Amsterdam along the Amstel River for a complete change of scenerie at Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, a quaint 12th century riverside village. The area was a source of inspiration for Rembrandt, who would often visit and do some sketching. To return to Amsterdam, take the other riverbank and admire all the beautiful 17th century houses along the way. 

Day 3: To end your trip, visit the zoo of Amsterdam with your family
Amsterdam campanile

If you’re staying for a long weekend, it’s your chance to sleep in. But when you’re ready to take off, head towards Dam and the Nejen Straatjes. This time, take the Grachtengordel, an UNESCO-listed ring of canals, until you reach the Magere Brug wooden drawbridge. Cross over, and head back up the other side of the river to the Rembrandt House Museum. If the kids are not crazy about Rembrandt, make for the NEMO Science Museum, just after the Mr. J.J. van der Veldeburg bridge. The museum is a great place to take part in some fun experiments. As a final stop, visit the city’s Artis Zoo, a delight for the young and old, and a lovely way to end the day’s activities. 


Tempted by a trip to Amsterdam with your family? Book your stay in our Campanile Hotel in Amsterdam. We look forward to seeing you here, on foot or on the saddle!