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A Weekend in Narbonne, Explore the City on Foot!

Exploring Narbonne on foot means uncovering 2500 years of history...

If the name Narbonne rings a bell, few truly grasp all the charms of the beautiful city. Located in Aude, just a stone's throw from the Mediterranean, this Gallo-Roman city is filled with treasures, be it historical, artistic, gastronomic, or nautical. This delightful blend makes it a perfect destination for indulging in slow tourism and exploring its sights on foot. To top off your weekend with a touch of Southwest France, it seems that a fantastic surprise also awaits you at your Campanile Narbonne hotel. Come closer, and we'll reveal it all! 

Narbonne: The Classic Historical Route

Since your itinerary involves strolling through Narbonne, your walk undoubtedly begins in its old town. Put on your best walking shoes because with the Monument Pass, you gain access to all the historical sites of the oldest Gallo-Roman colony, originally known as Narbo Martius, for just €10. 

Saint-Just and Saint-Pasteur Cathedral

Your first stop is one of Narbonne's most imposing monuments, the Saint-Just Cathedral. Forever unfinished, the site impresses from the very first steps. At its heart, embedded directly in the Palace, is a true invitation to rise above as the vault reaches a height of 41 meters, making it the 4th tallest cathedral in France. As a bonus, you can test the Whispering Room with your group, where a delicate whisper turns into a resounding public declaration! 

Archbishops' Palace

An absolute must-see on a walking tour of Narbonne, the Archbishops' Palace holds over 8 centuries of history. This fortress, a city within a city, has withstood the test of time and various architectural styles. Today, it offers a unique opportunity to step back in time. The site, once the residence of the archbishops, houses rich art collections spread between the Old Palace and the New Palace. Since your calves are warmed up from walking around Narbonne, don't miss the incredible view from the tower's summit, reached by climbing 162 steps! 

Saint-Paul Basilica

To conclude this historical chapter, head straight to the Saint-Paul Basilica. Labelled as the oldest church in the Midi region, this building skillfully combines Romanesque, Gothic, and Mediterranean styles. Inside, enjoy the peacefulness and coolness, providing a meditative pause next to the paleochristian cemetery, preserved since the 3rd century. Time flies! 

Narbonne: An Unusual Artistic Stroll

As time progresses, you embark on a journey to discover the hidden treasures of beautiful Narbonne. Whether on foot or by boat, here are three sites to explore, like jumping into parallel universes! 

Charles Trenet's House

After so much solemnity, it's time to sing a tune! From Narbonne's historic center, head to Charles Trenet's House, located at 13 Rue Charles Trenet. Filled with childhood memories, musical archives, and interactive activities, the house remains as the artist loved it. Who knows, you might even hear him humming "Ma Ville" as you wander through the corridors! 

Horreum Galleries

Now, prepare for a time jump back to antiquity! This time, the Horreum galleries beckon you. Summon your courage and embark on the exploration of these galleries that seemingly have no end. Originally used as a storage facility in the ancient market, they now showcase light displays, historical reconstructions, and winding tunnels. Children will delight in this experience, while parents will appreciate the cool underground atmosphere! 

Narbonne Market Halls

After such emotional experiences, you're bound to have worked up an appetite! The pride of the people of Narbonne, the Market Halls with their enormous gastronomic market eagerly await you. Here, the only rule is to indulge yourself! The hardest part is deciding which of the 70 food stalls to choose from to satisfy both your taste buds and your stomach. 

Narbonne: Enjoy the Waterfront!

Since the South of France beckons, it would be a shame to miss out on the natural delights of the city. Sun, greenery, and relaxation await you just a short distance away! 

Canal de la Robine & Pont des Marchands

Perfect for a stroll or bike ride, the Canal de la Robine is the ideal place in Narbonne to breathe in some fresh air amidst the tourist hubbub. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the canal is crossed by the Pont des Marchands, another must-see as it's one of only four inhabited bridges in France. Don't repeat it, but it's also said to offer the most beautiful view of Narbonne! 

Via Domitia & City Hall

Back to the city center, near City Hall, you'll discover the famous Via Domitia, a Gallo-Roman relic that once connected Italy and Spain. Although it was built in the 2nd century BC, it was only unearthed in 1997. Children particularly enjoy this place, which is ideal for taking a break during your weekend in Narbonne. Take a deep breath, and all around you, observe the traces of over 21 centuries of history! 

Narbonne Beach & its Port

As a small detour from your walking tour of Narbonne, Narbonne Plage, located 15km from the city center and a 20-minute drive from the Campanile Narbonne hotel, is well worth a visit! With 5km of beach, a gentle breeze, a charming port, a fish nursery, and terraces with a friendly atmosphere, this little side trip gently brings you back to the present. If you're still finding it hard to let go of the historical heritage absorbed during the day, take the plunge! 

Campanile Narbonne: Fresh and Fabulous!

After such adventures, set your course to our Campanile Narbonne hotel. We promised you a surprise, and it's by pushing the door that you will discover it! Freshly renovated, your hotel unveils its new look. Inspired by nature, the decoration skillfully blends forest green, sunny yellow, and terracotta to reflect the beauty of its surroundings and make the common areas even more welcoming. Bringing the outside in is our new motto! 

Inside, you'll find 62 air-conditioned and fully equipped rooms, ready to accommodate couples, families, business travellers, or solo adventurers. From the moment you arrive, a warm team will guide you to the lounge, coworking space, or restaurant, depending on your preferences. With its azure tones and driftwood, the atmosphere, along with the buffet filled with local products, perfectly complements the beautiful seaside town. 

Throughout the year, you can discover promotional offers to extend the pleasure and enjoy your room near Narbonne at the best rate. So, are you ready to book your weekend to explore Narbonne on foot and wander its streets?