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Discovering France as a Family: 10 Theme-Based Activities for 3-6-Year-Olds

This summer, it's decided, you're packing your bags along with your adorable little ones and heading to the most beautiful regions of France. Don't worry, you'll always find a Campanile hotel on the way to welcome you and your family. However, there's still one matter to address: how to keep your 3 to 6-year-old children entertained during your summer stay? What activities can you offer them so that they have as delightful memories of these vacations as a candy? Always ready to help you turn your breaks into lovely moments, our team has done some research to find 10 theme-based activities available throughout the country, perfectly suited for the youngest travelers. Follow the guide! 

Activities for the whole family

1. Dive into the Deep Sea

For the first stop along the roads of France, head to the Aquarium. Perfect for unpredictable weather, a visit to the Aquarium is always a success, for both kids and adults. From Saint-Malo to La Rochelle, including the Aquarium de Paris and Nausicaa, Europe's largest aquarium, you will find aquariums in most major coastal cities. Between the impressive whale and the adorable baby seal, your children will discover some of the secrets of marine life! 

2. Gourmet Stroll

If there's one thing that fascinates your children, it's food! Why not take advantage of this summer getaway to unveil the secrets behind their favorite foods? From the Maison de la Vache qui rit in Lons le Saunier to the Palais des Bonbons hidden in the streets of Montélimar, these vacations are bound to take a gourmet turn! It's a great opportunity to combine gustatory pleasure with education because, no, groceries don't grow in the refrigerator! 

3. Giant in a Miniature World  

Who hasn't dreamt of being a giant with feet of clay? What if you allowed your children to be much larger than the rest of the world for once? Thanks to organized visits to miniature worlds such as the Mini Châteaux de la Loire in Amboise or France Miniature in Elancourt, the dream becomes a reality. Combining natural spaces, playful activities, and historical visits, these parks are a perfect destination for feeling stronger while learning! 

4. In Search of Extinct Animals  

Does your little one shiver at the thought of encountering a dinosaur from the past? Accompany them on this journey through time! By going back more than 200 million years, theme parks such as Parc aux Dinosaures (Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère), Dinosaures Parc (Azur-Lac), or Dino Zoo (Charbonnières-les-Sapins) allow you to get up close with dozens of extinct species while enjoying a beautiful forest walk with the family! It's a real prehistoric expedition for less than €10 per person! 

Activities for all ages

5. Little Farmer   

When it comes to digging up your indoor plants, your child undeniably has a green thumb! It may be time to take advantage of this family vacation to teach them the basics of a more nature-friendly life. For this, opt for a day on an educational farm. From the Jardin d'Acclimatation for little Parisians to the Asinerie de Sartrouville and the Fermiers en Herbe in Pernes-les-Fontaines, your child will undoubtedly fall in love with these furry little creatures fed with garden produce! Finally, your plants can breathe... 

6. Hitting Bamboo!  

Energetic and in need of a stimulating summer activity? Have you ever tried a parent-child music workshop as a family? Ideal for exploring various instruments, easily accessible, and for sharing a beautiful moment of complicity, these workshops are held all over France. In Paris, you can even don the stage costume of the greats and follow the workshop at the Philharmonie de Paris, walking in the footsteps of famous composers. Whether it's classical music or world music, you set the tune! 

7. Unicorn Tamer!  

An essential part of family vacations, a trip to the zoo has the power to combine classicism and wonder. Because, let's admit it, whether young or old, we are always speechless in front of such animal beauty. Whether on foot or with a stroller, depending on your destination, the famous zoos of Beauval, La Palmyre, Vincennes, Le Pal... Each of these new territories offers your child the opportunity to discover incredible species, experience rare moments, and for you to slip in a few words about your ecological concerns! 

8. Crazy Family Race

Is your child a fan of hide-and-seek in the house at bedtime? How about taking it up a notch to give them a laughter-filled lesson? The star of summer, the vegetal labyrinth with its corn walls, offers an excellent playground for both children and parents. In Cayeux, Mont Guéret, Ploemel, or Charmes-sur-Rhône, you can easily find a giant vegetal labyrinth near your favorite Campanile hotel! Just make sure you have your whole tribe before heading back! 

 9. Freshwater Sailors  

Because you don't need a huge yacht or even to be near the sea to sail, embark on a family boat ride. With electric boats that don't require a license, you can take your whole clan for a picnic on the water! In Rennes, Nantes, Narbonne, or Toulouse, it's a peaceful and unusual way to explore the city. If you want to try various water activities, aim for a suitable location like Lake Der or Fontainebleau Forest. Enjoy, because this time, there's no need to row! 

10. Let's Roll!  

And what if, in the end, you didn't have to choose between these different activities? By opting for cycling tourism, you emphasize a form of slow tourism that gives you the space to have multiple outings during your vacation. Each stage becomes an adventure in itself. Whether for the entire journey or just a few sections, cycling is an excellent way to take the time to discuss your environment with your children. Dad on the bike, the little one in the basket, and Mom can finally lift her head from the handlebars and have a wonderful vacation! 


Are your children older? Discover new ideas next month to entertain 7-12-year-olds while having fun! Whether you're tempted by animals, nature, historical sites, or a water outing, know that a little treat awaits you upon arrival at your Campanile hotel! To be shared with the family, our XXL family sharing platter with local specialties to enjoy with your fingers is on the menu all summer. A delicious pleasure, complemented by a travel game kit offered to the youngest members of the group! See you soon at our Campanile restaurants