The time has come for a great adventure. With the whole family in the car, smiles on their faces, there is one thing you must tackle before complete relaxation: keeping the children entertained during the journey. Yes, they are adorable, but their concept of time is entirely different from that of adults. No, they won't spend hours glued to their screens. So, what can you do? Fear not, for we have discovered the secret of satisfied parents, even after 7 hours of travel: travel games! Let us demonstrate... 

Turn the Car into a Game Room!

Guess What I'm Thinking...

Classics and effective, riddles and charades are perfect to keep both little ones and older kids entertained during a car journey. The principle of this deduction game is simple and can be endlessly adapted. Draw from your childhood memories and improvise! Invite your little ones to guess a color, an object, a word, an animal, a cartoon hero... Give them some hints to help them find the answer, and reward the winner at the next break. That's a few minutes gained already! 

Karaoke Time 

Since you're comfortably settled in your vehicle for a few hours, why not sing along as a family? To make the game more exciting, insert stop-and-go moments in your favorite songs. Whoever finds the missing lyrics gets a kiss! You can also turn it into a music guessing game for older children who can identify songs without getting frustrated. 

Fall for the Trap!

Use your surroundings to divert attention and pass the time. Along the journey, draw their attention to road signs and provide some historical explanations, point out animals or landscapes along the route, or play the inevitable license plate game or car color game. Turn the road into a board game... Start the countdown, and the one who spots the fewest blue trucks in the next minute receives a penalty! 

The Never-Ending Story...

Here's another proven travel trick to keep children entertained on the holiday highway! Start with "Once upon a time..." and take turns to continue the story. Each participant adds a sentence to complete the story that unfolds with each passing kilometer. To stimulate imagination and memory, make it more challenging by asking them to start from the beginning each time. If someone makes a mistake, they launch the next round of the game! 

Having Fun Without Annoying Fellow Travelers...

While everyone can freely express themselves during a car journey, it's better to be discreet on a plane or train to avoid the disapproving glances of fellow passengers. Your mission: prioritize quiet travel games. Our tip: prepare a bag of games before departure! Forgot to pack one? No problem, a game kit awaits you at your Campanile hotel during your layovers. It contains everything you need for silent entertainment! 

Beautiful Coloring

Whether you bring your own coloring books or use our game kit, be sure to have coloring supplies for the journey. Some stickers, a few colors, their favorite characters, and you're all set... with the Campanile coloring bag! You can also invite the children to create a collective artwork where everyone adds their touch and stimulates their imagination. The theme? Vacations, of course! 

Creating Worlds

Construction games are also essential! Adapt them to the child's age and dexterity. These types of games allow children to focus and unleash their creativity for a few moments. For older kids, board games, strategy games, or puzzles are ideal as long as they can be played calmly. 

Stories to Travel By 

Adding books to your travel bag is also an excellent idea! Let your child select their favorite stories or take the opportunity to offer them books related to your vacation destination. Immersed in the story, they won't notice the time and miles passing by. For younger children, storytelling boxes are also a great alternative to calm them down in case of fleeting annoyance! 

Who Am I?!

Very practical for keeping the peace in public transportation, the game of charades! Write down several words to be guessed, then invite the children to mime the expression to others. For complete silence, the answer can be written on a piece of paper. Concentration, peace, fun—what more could you ask for from a game that can be played in society?! 

Calm Times: Games to Soothe the Troops

Hours pass by, and your energy reserves are depleted. Now it's time to use some Sioux tricks to gently guide them towards sleep and snatch a few peaceful hours of travel... 

Puppet Show 

Armed with your little sock puppet, embark on a fabulous story! Whether in their seat or at a show, children will be captivated by the tale of this imaginary journey, narrated by Mr. Potato Head! It's a gentle moment to transition into a well-deserved nap! 

The Silent Game

Propose this game at the appropriate moment, and it guarantees a moment of calm, whether in a car, train, plane, or even on a bike! The principle of the silent game is simple: the first one to speak loses! Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the peace... 

The Closed Eyes Game

In a similar vein, this game helps nudge your little ones even closer to the land of dreams. Close your eyes and count to three, and only open them when you think we've arrived. Of course, this works best with trusting young children... 

The Clock Game

This one is for the parents! The idea is simple as well. Adjust your departure time to align with your children's sleep schedule, particularly their naptime if you're traveling during the day. Gain a few hours of tranquility on the clock! 


We hope these ideas will help make your car, train, or plane journeys a fun and joyful experience! Upon your arrival at Campanile hotel, reward your dear travelers with our must-have "Family Aperitif" and its generous XXL family sharing platter. Plus, to keep your little ones occupied, enjoy a travel game kit that includes a booklet of stories and games! Perfect for extending moments of shared enjoyment! to soo