Inspiring and Creative Ideas to Celebrate Halloween with Family!

Straight from the United States, Halloween has now become a fixture on our calendars. It's no wonder, with its promise of a treasure trove of candy and sweets, spooky costumes, and a terrifying atmosphere, October 31st has become a favorite for our little monsters! So, this year, it's decided: you too will take advantage of this occasion to share a family moment and give your guests a thrill! To help you with that, we've come up with some activities and DIY projects that are easy to do with kids, using items you already have at home and a good dose of imagination. Get ready for some spine-tingling fun! 

Halloween: Transform Your Decor into a Haunted House...

When it comes to Halloween, a chilling atmosphere is a must! This time, forget about your carefully decorated home and get your little monsters involved in giving your house a makeover! Your goal: stimulate their creativity, keep them busy for a few hours, and send shivers down the spines of your nighttime visitors... 

Ghostly Garlands

Stars of the Halloween party, ghosts are a must on the night of October 31st! Forget about plastic – you can make a charming homemade ghost garland at a minimal cost and with much more character! All you need are tissue papers, some cotton balls, a roll of string, cloves, and a little patience! With your materials on the table, create your little ghosts by placing the cotton in the middle of the tissue paper. Close it and tie it with the string. Once the kids have added cloves as eyes, gather the little ghosts on a string at regular intervals and then hang your garland on the wall. You'll feel them dancing behind your back with every gust of wind! 

The Wall of Horror

Halloween has its color code; get into the spirit by transforming some balloons. A good helium tank, a handful of orange, black, white, or even gold balloons, and you're set. Let the children unleash their creativity by drawing monstrous faces with penetrating gazes on the balloons using a permanent marker before hanging them in clusters on the wall. For added fun, you can slip surprises inside and let your guests pop them with skewers... A discreet way to let off some steam! 

The Gates of Hell

On Halloween night, spirits roam... and leave their traces along the way, creating a slight hesitation among your guests before they enter! To ensure that only the bravest cross your threshold, dress it up like a "bloody crime" scene... Use an old white sheet or paper tablecloth and red paint, let your demons unleash their creativity by leaving their best prints – hands, feet, noses, bloody trails – on it. Let it dry while everyone takes a shower, and then hang this masterpiece on your front door! 

Halloween: A Spooky Buffet with a Hint of Horror...

To complement your special indoor Halloween decor, nothing beats a buffet that combines horror and treats! Children are also valuable allies in helping you create eerie compositions... 

Bloody Shots

If orange juice fits the Halloween color scheme at your party, you can prepare a much bloodier cocktail to quench the thirst of the zombies who pass through the Gates of Hell. Grab some syringes or pipettes and fill them with a delicious grenadine-cherry mixture that gives the illusion of fake blood! For the adults, and always in moderation, consider a more festive version with sangria. Make sure both recipes are clearly identified! 

The Place of the Dead 

To prevent lost souls from getting lost in this gloomy decor, create cute place cards in the shape of witches or bats. Easy to make using recycled toilet paper rolls and black paper, they are perfect for enhancing the decoration and keeping a memento of this Halloween evening. To stay in the theme, fill your cardboard monsters with some candies to tuck under their robes. An original way to keep bad luck at bay! 

Deadly Candles

Lighting is essential to set the Halloween mood. For a chilling decor, place bloody candles here and there... The trick is to melt the wax of a red candle onto a white one to create the blood-splattered effect. You can also repurpose floating candles to create an appetizing "eye soup"! Entrust your little assistants with the delicate task of drawing an eye on each candle before submerging them in a champagne bucket. Your guests will think twice before dipping their hands in! 

Halloween: Conquering Ghosts Beyond Your Walls...

Celebrating Halloween can also be an opportunity for a family weekend full of memories in a still mysterious place! To spice up this getaway, here are some outdoor activities to consider. 

Pumpkin Head!

The pumpkin is a must for Halloween and can be the basis for many family activities. First step, find the prettiest one! Head to an open-air pumpkin patch where local producers welcome you to choose your own gourd. Once you have your squash in hand, it's time to carve the scariest smile on it. After scooping it out, carve big eyes and sharp teeth into the flesh. Scary? A bit! That's why many cities offer supervised workshops where kids can leave with their creations and all their fingers intact! 

Little Monster Relay

The thought of Halloween night gets your kids excited? Why not put them to the test? With their best costumes on, organize a relay race with the kids, complete with obstacles like sack races or knocking down monstrous pins. It's a healthy alternative to the classic "trick or treat" and will help channel their excess energy! 

Witch Hunt

How about an eerie yet educational hike? Armed with a accomplice, leave clues along the path to encourage them to uncover treasures and solve puzzles. Nature, beautiful at this time, already fits the theme with its lovely orange hues. All that's left is to find the plants used by witches to make smoky potions! 

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