Embark on a Tour of France Designed for 7-12-Year-Olds!

You love traveling with your family and enjoying delightful breaks at our Campanile hotels! But this time, as you embark on a quest to discover the most beautiful sites in France, you'll need to pack a new companion in your suitcase: preadolescence! Each year, it becomes more and more challenging to convince your children, who now have distinct preferences, to engage in family activities. Don't worry, you've come to the right place. Committed to satisfying the desires of the whole family, our team has prepared a selection of places to explore together, all across France, and always with a smile! 

Exploring Wonderland: Fascinating Journeys for Young Explorers

1. Exploring Volcanoes 

Do you dream of tranquility and greenery? Let's be realistic, if you suggest to your 7-12-year-old children to go on a long family hike, it might not be met with enthusiasm. However, if you combine this nature exploration with a journey into the heart of volcanoes and their intriguing activities, you will spark more interest and curiosity. From the youngest volcano in France, the Puy de Montchal, to the Jaujac volcano in Ardèche, and the Tartaret volcano in Auvergne, located next to the Vulcania Park, both young and old will be energized by such concentrated energy! 

2. Scientific Explorer 

Always ready to mix soda, candies, and laundry detergent, your child has a taste for experiments! Why not take the opportunity to engage in fun and scientific workshops as a family, where learning is combined with enjoyment? Discover fossil energies at the Cité des Sciences in Paris, explore the infinite at the Palais de la Découverte, or build a robot resembling your child at the Musée des Automates in La Rochelle. Museums offer a plethora of astounding hands-on activities. Be prepared to be amazed by their overflowing creativity! 

3. Photo Safari 

Underneath their tough exterior, your child reveals their tenderness when confronted with a furry creature. You obviously know that "zoos are for babies," which is why you're going straight to the next level: the photo safari! Like a budding influencer, your child takes on the task of capturing the beauty of animals. Different options await you on your animal trail, whether you prefer a family adventure in your vehicle at Thoiry or a more adventurous journey by train at the Beaumarchais Reserve (Autrèche, Indre-et-Loire). Say cheese, you're being filmed! 

Time Travelers' Delight: Fascinating Historical Explorations for History Buffs

4. Modern-Day Knight 

Change of scenery, suddenly immersed in a medieval atmosphere, ready to dazzle your young traveler! With costumed ladies, blacksmiths in action, singing weavers, carriage rides led by donkeys, musical rounds, and eagle flights, it's a true festival! Throughout the summer, many cities such as Provins, Tours, Vannes, or Andilly showcase their heritage. This journey through time will bring joy to your young knight as they stroll through this parallel world! 

5. Mightier than Asterix! 

If you decide to replace the usual afternoon juice with a good dose of magic potion, then head straight to the menhirs to entertain your 7-12-year-olds. Visit Carnac, of course, with its workshop on Neolithic builders, La Roche aux Fées in Ille-et-Vilaine, offering discovery tours of prehistory and insights into the secrets of fire, or the Dolmen de Pierre à la Fée near Draguignan, renowned for its supposed power over visitors' fertility. There are plenty of routes to create unique family memories. A piece of advice: say no if your child wants to bring back a stone! Alternatively, you can directly visit Parc Astérix

6. Superheroes for a Day 

Attention, here comes a thrilling activity that could propel you to the ranks of super-parents. With a snap of your fingers, or rather a click, you can make the unreal possible. Bring together the magical trio of Lady Bug, Chat Noir, and your child by embarking on the Miraculous Cruise in Paris. To dominate the bamboo and return with the immunity necklace, head to France Miniature for the Koh-Lanta course. Your family is invincible! 

7. The Castle Life! 

Escape games organized within historical sites provide a classic yet effective way to discover and prioritize board games as a fun family activity. At the Château de Breteuil, the Prince of Wales has gone missing; at Blois, Marie de Médicis seeks to break free from her chains, while at La Ferté-Saint-Aubain, the treasure has vanished. History needs you to write its story. Can you unravel the truth from fiction? You can also opt for a traditional castle visit, which, although less interactive, still exudes its own charm.

Unleash the Inner Champion: Exciting Athletic Adventures for Active Kids

8. Treasure Hunt 

If your child craves adventure, why not propose something more physical? Many tourism offices organize mini-adventures for young explorers. For example, Terra Aventura offers over 500 treasure hunt trails throughout the Aquitaine region via a mobile app. LudyLyon is a great ally for discovering Guignol or local gastronomy. In Verdun, Vadrouille la Grenouille takes you on a journey through the trenches in search of a lost bayonet. It's more fun than a page of vacation workbook! 

9. Wild Child 

Is your child always tinkering in the garden? Encourage their curiosity by creating things together using raw materials from nature. Numerous workshops allow you and your child to explore the wonders of the earth with a guide. From gathering magical plants to compass navigation and tracking animal footprints, your little adventurer will enjoy the fresh air and acquire knowledge. Available in the beautiful forests of France! 

10. Fantastic Ascent 

To conclude these excursions in France, why not turn nature into a playground? With the guidance of an experienced guide, organize an expedition full of thrills amidst greenery. Whether it's rock climbing, rafting, zip-lining, or archery, hilly areas like Jura, Mont Ventoux, or the unexpected Normandy cliffs offer opportunities to experience an exciting adrenaline rush as a family and test your level of parental relaxation! 


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