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Restaurants with Terraces, Discover Our Best Addresses!

Enjoy the sun from your Campanile terrace!

You've been waiting for it all winter, and it's finally here! And when there's sunshine, there's a terrace, a spacious outdoor area, greenery, and a refreshing cocktail, all served with a smile. No, you're not dreaming, you're simply enjoying the outdoor space of your Campanile hotel with a terrace. Our ambition is to offer you a haven of peace where you can relax while the children play in the distance, extending your indoor comfort to the outdoors. Come, let us take you on a journey to discover our most beautiful Campanile terraces throughout France... 

Lounging on the Terrace, the Small Pleasure of Summer

Every year, as soon as the weather gets nice, guests of our hotels with terraces engage in a strange ritual. The brighter the sun shines, the more they rush outside to bask in its rays. From early morning, families relocate with coffee and croissants. At lunchtime, professionals join in for business lunches. In the afternoon, it's time to review documents with a cup of tea, and in the evening, couples enjoy a pre-dinner aperitif. 

In truth, every moment is perfect for fully enjoying a beautiful sunny space, whether it's an extension of the lounge bar, the co-working spot, or simply your room. To offer you this little touch of nature, the Campanile teams work hard to provide you with equal comfort both indoors and outdoors! 

Shaded terrace, lush park, abundant greenery, and lovely view—we make every effort to ensure that your terrace experience is as pleasant as possible. Your only dilemma is choosing between a chair or a sun lounger, a virgin mojito or a fresh juice, a savory or sweet treat. Yes, your summer agenda is starting to resemble a vacation, even if you're still working! That's the magic of a terrace, no doubt... 

Great Plan: Our Selection of the Best Hotels with Terraces

We would have loved to take you on a whirlwind tour of Campanile hotels with terraces, but we probably wouldn't have had enough fresh soda to accompany you during your reading. So, we have compiled our top list of the most enjoyable Campanile terraces for lounging in the summer. If you have another destination in mind, your hotel with a terrace is just waiting for you right here! 

Campanile Thionville Yutz

Located in the heart of Moselle, the Campanile Hotel in Thionville is situated near the city center. Combining comfortable rooms and a gourmet space, the terrace is an extension of the restaurant. At any time, enjoy a sunny break to have a coffee, have lunch under the poplars, or share a generous XXL platter with your family. In a cozy bistro atmosphere that we all love, our teams are there to satisfy your needs. All you have to do is enjoy the view! 

Campanile Colmar Parc des Expositions

Head to the Grand Est region, on the border with Germany, to our Campanile hotel with a terrace in Colmar. Ideal for business stays due to its proximity to the Exhibition Center, the hotel's garden is a real asset for recharging your batteries. With a beautiful landscaped park that harmonizes with the local style, a slate terrace, a veranda bathed in light, urban chic furniture, and abundant plants... It's simply a tropical haven of peace where you can even savor a traditional Alsatian sauerkraut! 

Campanile Metz Est Technopole

This is an address that professionals share discreetly! Located near the Technopole, the terrace of the Campanile Hotel in Metz is the place for business lunches in the summer. Nestled at the back of the hotel, the terrace offers a refined and elegant setting, just like the menu served there. The highlight is the view of the pond, which adds an extra touch of serenity always welcomed during negotiations! Of course, doing nothing is not prohibited there either... 

Gourmet Menu: The Solution for a Sunny Stay!

As you may have understood, in addition to daydreaming with a drink on the terrace, you can also enjoy a meal there. And at any time! Starting with a varied breakfast buffet, sweet or savory, or both. For lunch, we offer delicious recipes that evolve with the seasons. In the evening, there's an appetizer platter to share or not. And at any time, you can satisfy your cravings with our evolving menu, which is refreshed every month. 

In all our establishments, whether they have a terrace or not, we take great care in selecting what goes on your plate. Our motto is all about taste, taste, taste... and using local ingredients that align with the seasons! Speaking of seasonality, depending on your current preferences, you can choose to dine in our restaurant, enjoy ready-to-eat jars, or have a room service meal with a garden view! 

At Campanile, the pleasure of dining is also about creating a welcoming atmosphere. While we strive to please the tastebuds of parents, young food enthusiasts can enjoy a delicious €1 menu, a delightful treat complemented by a complimentary travel game kit for the youngest members of the group! This summer, take advantage of our terraces to savor our XXL family sharing platter and its finger-licking local specialties that are on the menu all summer long. So don't wait any longer, combine indoor comfort with outdoor pleasure, and book your room at a Campanile hotel with a terrace without delay. See you soon! 

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