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I have tested the FitUp room

Discover a review of the FitUp room by a client who tested it!

I'm in my thirties and because of my job as a sales manager, I'm often on the move. These trips always bother me a little, because I have to adjust my sports routine. The new innovative FitUp room concept created by Campanile in partnership with Decathlon immediately intrigued me... Here is my feedback!    

I had the opportunity to stay two nights at the Campanile hotel in Rungis for a seminar organized by my company nearby. Even though I'm not very sporty, exercising helps me to relax and disconnect from work. When the hotel reception told me about this new room concept that includes sports equipment, I immediately seized the opportunity!    

A unique experience for sporty people
fit up campanile

When I walked through the door of the FitUp room, I have to say I was pretty surprised. It's a smart mix between a gym and a sleek hotel room. There is a wall of equipments of the Decathlon brand. It is the famous "FitUp Wall" which is available in all fitness rooms. The equipment for cardio, muscle strengthening or meditation sessions is provided, such as straps, weighted balls, dumbbells and floor mats. As someone who doesn't like to go running, for example, I was delighted to find this equipment at the foot of my bed!     

A tailor-made and innovative offer  
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But that's not all... I discovered, once I had finished my installation, that the FitUp room offers an accompaniment for sports training. All you have to do is turn on the television and select one of the 8 videos according to your level and current mood. The "TrainMe" professional sports coaches then provide 100% private sports sessions! This function is, in my opinion, a real plus for sports lovers or for those who are not inspired but still want to work out!   

A pure break

On my first night at the hotel, I was downright stressed out, as I was apprehensive about the big day at work the next day. In order to relax, I sat down on a mat and started one of the fitness coaching videos. I really felt like I was taking a personal break when in fact I was only in Rungis for professional reasons. I think that having released the pressure thanks to sport allowed me to have a better night! I did it again briefly the next evening, this time with a muscle strengthening session using the gym ball.  

The homemade Zen recipe  
fit up campanile

Although these two little sports sessions were rather spontaneous, I didn't want to skip my weekly yoga session. I was able to follow my ritual like at home. After having breakfast at the hotel buffet, I went back to my room. Music, a floor mat and a few postures later, I started this last day of the seminar in the best possible conditions. 

I recommend to try FitUp!   

This innovative concept is really cool because it allows all the sport lovers to match the pleasure of sport practice with the reason of their presence at the Campanile hotel. In the end, I was able to organize myself as if I were at home, between my work and my leisure time, and without necessarily going through the collective sports sessions that I don't like very much. I am thinking of repeating this experience because it allowed me to deal with my professional stay in a different way and above all with more confidence! As FitUp accessories are available at home with Decathlon, I even plan to treat myself to equip my guest room.    

So, will you be tempted to try this FitUp room that's unlike any other?  

Charlotte, 29 years old 

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1.A unique experience for sporty people
2.A tailor-made and innovative offer  
3.A pure break
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