Embark on a gastronomic journey with our delectable selection!

Rugby fans are eagerly counting down the days! From September 8th to October 28th, France hosts one of the biggest events in the rugby world. Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, and more cities are filled with enthusiastic supporters backing their favorite team among the 20 competing nations. As avid sports enthusiasts, Campanile hotels are ready to join the excitement ! And because match days call for fueling up, we've prepared some team-inspired recipes to keep you going during the thrilling games. Grab your flags and spoons, it's time to score big with these mouthwatering treats! 

Rugby Competition: Local Snacking Ideas!
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With nearly two months of consecutive matches, this competition presents a perfect opportunity to showcase your culinary skills and treat your guests to a global feast. Forget complicated dishes; your supporters will be equally delighted by both the rugby spectacle and your delicious discoveries. Don't be shy; claim your title as the kitchen champion! 

Pool A: Traditional Apéro vs. Exotic Bites!

As the host country, France takes the spotlight! The opening match of this tournament will see our players facing off against the New Zealand All Blacks. For this occasion, no hesitation, an apéro platter is a must for scoring points. A great selection of cheeses, a few slices of charcuterie, pickled vegetables, and you're all set! This classic treat can also be enjoyed at our Campanile restaurants, even on match days! 

For an Italian twist, offer an assortment of antipasti: marinated vegetables, smoked mozzarella, arancini, bruschetta, or involtini – the options are endless! 

For an exotic touch, try the famous Meat Pie, straight from New Zealand. With its beef, cheese, and sautéed vegetable filling, this savory pastry is a winner for satisfying even the hungriest bellies! 

Lastly, journey to Namibia with reinvented meat skewers. For an exotic touch, marinate your beef and chicken in a mixture of coconut milk, lime, and crushed cashews before baking them to perfection. 

Pool B: Fish Takes Center Stage!

For this second qualifying stage, the focus is on Ireland, Scotland, Romania, Tonga, and South Africa. A common thread among these destinations, apart from their rugby prowess, is their rich seafood culture, making it the perfect ingredient for a sports-friendly apéritif! 

Embrace the Anglo-Saxon touch with Irish Fish Pie, a seafood version of our shepherd's pie. A generous and comforting dish that can heal the pain of defeat. Also highly appreciated are crab and beer sandwiches, an Irish twist on our tuna mayonnaise! 

For a lighter option, try the famous vibrant green Romanian appetizer rolls, which can be filled with vegetables, salmon, or ham, as long as there's plenty of cottage cheese! 

End on a sweet note with papanasi, giant fried donuts filled with fruit jam – a delightful treat! 

If your heart leans toward blue waters, spicy samosas will transport you straight to the Kingdom of Tonga. For a midway delight, fish rillettes spiced up with chili offer a tasteful adventure without being too fiery! 

For a taste of South Africa, try the braai broodje – a simpler-to-prepare-than-to-pronounce dish that's like a croque-monsieur, generously filled with tomato, onion, and faux-mage, a vegan "fake cheese." 

Pool C: A Feast of Spicy Flavors!

Just like on the field, there's no rest in the kitchen! This time, the team selections lead us to boldly spiced recipes, where temperatures rise among the supporters! 

To celebrate Portugal, get inspired by petiscos – the local version of tapas. From Rissóis (shrimp tempuras) to Bolinhos de Bacalhau (codfish fritters) and Pão com Chouriço (chorizo braids), the ideas are endless! 

The Australian wave is perfect for finger food, with the famous Sausage Rolls – sausage rolls enhanced with an explosive tomato sauce – and the unmissable Vegemite Tiger Toast, an avocado toast awakened by a layer of lemon-coriander-cheddar. As strong as it is hearty! 

Pool D: A Culinary World Tour!

As we head towards the final knockout matches, get ready for a culinary journey between Japan, England, Argentina, Chile, and Samoa. To unite your team of foodies, opt for reliable on-the-go dinner favorites. 

Sushis, makis, rolled omelettes, and fish tartare will delight lovers of Japanese cuisine. Easy to snack on, they bring an exotic touch without overwhelming your guests! 

Empanadas, tortillas, and piquillos are ideal for a convivial buffet with Latin American flavors. Fill them with meat or cheese and small vegetables, and don't forget a generous dose of chili! Also, don't miss the guacamole and salsa sauce, capable of transforming an ordinary toast! 

Lastly, as you head into the quarter-finals, indulge in the Fa'aussi from the Islands of Samoa – a traditional dessert of coconut bread, to be shared and drizzled with a coconut caramel sauce. Also worth trying are Samoa Cookies, which are hollowed in the center and layer coconut and caramel on a soft dough. Whether winners or losers, they'll delight all your guests with their deliciousness! 

WelcomSport: Campanile's Winning Formula for Sports Clubs!
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Because our support for the sporting spirit extends beyond the plate, we've created WelcomSport – an offer dedicated to clubs, associations, and members. During your travels for training or competitions, you'll enjoy exclusive hospitality at our Campanile hotels and restaurants. 

For members, rooms are offered at preferential rates and accompanied by personalized service. To help you stay at the top of your game, we provide balanced menus tailored to athletes' diets and access to massage facilities to aid recovery. You can also check out at 5 PM, allowing you to stay focused on your goal without worrying about your luggage. 

Even better, for sports clubs and associations, with the WelcomSport offer, we'll reimburse you the equivalent of 7% of the expenses incurred by your members and their companions at Campanile establishments at the end of the season – perfect for combining VIP hospitality and savings! 

To benefit from the WelcomSport offer, simply sign up. When making reservations in France or Europe, provide your membership number, and we'll ensure you have the best possible arrival conditions. 

Whether you love supporting your favorite team or being at the heart of the action, sports gatherings are always an opportunity to share moments of emotion and unite in excitement. And as they say, on the field or in the kitchen, it's time to make your moves to avoid being offside!